Just checking to see if people are so uneducated and unknowledgeable today about the lunar eclipse coming up that Columbus’s old gambit would still work:An eclipse is credited with saving the life of Christopher Columbus and his crew in 1504.  Stranded on the coast of Jamaica, the explorers were running out of food and faced with increasingly hostile local inhabitants who were refusing to provide them with any more supplies.Columbus, looking at an astronomical almanac compiled by a German mathematician, realised that… Read more

 I want to wish each and every one of you a merry Presidents Day.  I hope you have all of your decorating done and will have a wonderful Presidents’ Day dinner and enjoy all of your President’s Day customs like. . . .  Notice:  The Church knows how to throw good holidays, but the government has not got a clue.  This day began as a commemoration of George Washington, that great man and father of our country.  He deserves a holiday,… Read more

You know all of that research into “learning styles,” whether a child is a visual learner or an auditory learner or whatever?  Well, we are finding that, while there is an element of truth to it, attending to such things does not seem to matter much in children actually learning more.  The key factor in learning is grasping meaning, a concept that evades any of these sensory approaches.  (While cultivation of meaning is what classical education is all about.) Read more

More vindication of classical education, which cultivates knowledge (grammar) AND understanding (logic) AND application (rhetoric).  As opposed to various contemporary methods which, for reasons I cannot understand, fixate on only one of these dimensions of education and denigrate the others.   This article discusses the fad of   critical thinking, including the admission that educators cannot even define it!  The various approaches are incoherent,with  the most obnoxious version being “just question everything.”  More substantive scholars say that being able to think… Read more

The notable scholar E. D. Hirsch is offering a radical new proposal:  That schools actually teach CONTENT.  Ever since Dewey, the assumption has been that schools don’t need to teach knowledge; rather, they should teach processes.   (Classical education, of course, teaches both.)   Here Hirsch shows how the efforts to teach reading, as in No Child Left Behind, are failing. Gaining comprehension in reading, according to the research he cites,  involves building upon other KNOWLEDGE of what the reading is about…. Read more

Roman Catholic bishops in Italy are telling  actors they had better not do sex scenes.  They are catching flak for interfering in the artistic process, but I salute them. Read more

 Our younger daughter and her husband are having a baby! Here is his or her first picture:              Read more

Several observers have noted that in both his rhetoric and in the zeal he inspires in his supporters, Barack Obama is being presented as a  Messiah. Consider these lines from his speeches:”We are the hope of the future.” We can “remake this world as it should be.”      We can become “a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world, and make this time different than all the rest.”  “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we… Read more

Here is someone who got through grade school, graduated from high school, graduated from college with an education degree, became a teacher, and taught in a high school for 17 years  all without knowing how to read!  Read more

The U.S. military is being accused of being a hotbed of  Christian “fundamentalism.”  Horror stories are being gathered, investigations are underway, and lawsuits are being filed. Read more

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