People that hate the traditional family–you know, the natural family, the one instituted through the union of a man and a woman–these people love to quote Luke 14:26– If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. (ESV) These folks also tend favor another passage. This one: While he was yet speaking to the multitudes, behold,… Read more

There is a deep and unalterable connection between this world and the next. And that connection is reflected in the marriage of a man and a woman. Read more

The covenant with Abraham wasn’t just a covenant with Abraham, it included all of his heirs. Read more

You could say that the modern world reduced things to atoms, and when it came to social life, especially politics, the modern world reduced everything to individuals. For liberals, a man’s identity and his freedom were sacrosanct, and social institutions had to justify themselves to him. You could go on to say that the post-modern world has split the atom. And finding that individuals are not the stable things modern people thought they were, kings and men are working hard… Read more

A few years back there was a flash of enthusiasm among people who read books published by InterVarsity Press for something called “culture making”. The idea, as I recall, had something to do with creativity, that and the notion that Christians shouldn’t be preoccupied with politics, or even apologetics. The world could use more beautiful things, and if Christians made more of them, they’d be more attractive. If I’ve misrepresented this, please forgive me. But it is the impression I… Read more

I’ve been working my way through a marvelous book by my friend Allan C. Carlson entitled, Family Cycles. The book really should be mandatory reading in every conservative seminary in the land. When I was last with Allan I asked him why, with all the ostensible commitment to the traditional family in places like the Southern Baptist Convention, his books aren’t more widely read among conservative evangelicals. He didn’t know. But reading his latest book should be required for anyone… Read more

Romantic love has destroyed the family. Read more

My convictions about our robot future have vacillated, from fear of robots enervating humanity even further, to respect for the genius of their makers, to now wan hope that they may help revive the household economy. Read more

I’ve been reading essays from Flannery O’Connor’s occasional prose. Since I write fiction, I’m interested in hearing what other authors of fiction have to say about the craft. The collection entitled Mystery and Manners includes an essay entitled, “The Nature and Aim of Fiction”. I came across this passage and started underlining: The kind of vision the fiction writer needs to have, or to develop, in order to increase the meaning of his story is called anagogical vision, and that… Read more

Here I am again with yet another ramble. This is the fifth and final one for material I am using for a paper I will be delivering at The Academy of Philosophy and Letters at its annual conference.  You can read my first ramble here, the second you can read here, and here’s the third, and here’s the fourth. (By the way, ad hominem comments will be deleted. And comments that deal with my family members are not only unwelcome, they… Read more

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