Love and Air Supply

CHRISTIAN: Love binds the galaxy together. ATHEIST: Pretty sure you’re thinking of the strong nuclear force. [Read more…]

Switching Teams, Changing Seasons, Drinking Scotch

Jason takes the driver’s seat with what pagans do best: ushering in a new season with ritual, cakes, and ale. It’s Gods on Coasters. [Read more…]

If I Didn’t Have You, Would Someone Else Do?

A pagan and an atheist square off on the soul mate question. It’s Gods On Coasters. [Read more…]

Will His Ego Keep Him In…or Drive Him Out?

His massive ego will either keep him from dropping out or compel him to drop out, claiming it was ‘rigged.’ [Read more…]

Piling on the Busters, Betting on War

Have you ever seen a convention try so hard to placate the losers of a primary? The post-convention bounce from Gods on Coasters. [Read more…]

What Drives You Crazy About Your Community?

After hazing Reverend Mark, the Coasters all agree that hell is other people. [Read more…]

A Minister, an Atheist, and a Witch Walk Into a Bar

This should be interesting. [Read more…]