Walking on Water

This past Sunday I preached on Matthew 14:22-33, the story of the Lord walking on water and Peter walking out to Him. The thing that really jumped out at me this time reading it was that moment when Peter notices the wind and starts to sink. I thought about times when, sometimes for no apparent reason, I’ve been suddenly filled with a cold, hopeless “realization” that my faith is just in my head, that I’ve been lying to myself. And it really does feel like sinking – like the solid thing I was standing on has suddenly dissolved. In times like that, as far as I can tell there are pretty much two options: you can give in to that sinking feeling and decide that that’s all that’s real; or you can keep looking to the Lord, praying that He help your unbelief, and asking Him to save you, like Peter does. I love the description of the Lord immediately reaching out His hand to hold Peter up. It sure doesn’t always feel like He’s immediately there, but when I’ve eventually felt His return, had a sight and sense of His love and His realness again, it comes along with a realization that I never could’ve gotten back there unless He’d been holding me up the whole time.

Sermon audio is here.

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