Days of Creation as Stages of Regeneration

I see that my last post was on November 5th. As it happens, our son Samuel was born a week + several hours later on November 13th, and (surprise, surprise) blogging has been non-existent since then. In other big news – we’ll be moving to South Africa in June, to serve at the New Church Westville near Durban. With those major changes going on, we’ll see how much time I have to keep up with the blog…

At the church here in Dawson Creek I’ve been preaching a sermon series on the days of creation, following the exegesis laid out in Arcana Coelestia, which presents the days of creation as representing stages in a person’s rebirth. If you’re unfamiliar with the New Church concept of the internal sense of the Word, this first chapter in Arcana Coelestia is a good place to start. Arcana Coelestia was the first theological work published by Swedenborg, and so it does not assume any familiarity with terms or concepts. Go read it here, or search for it on or if you’d prefer a hard copy (or an eBook); Genesis 1 is covered by passages 1-66, which takes up about 43 pages in the standard hardcover edition, so it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to read the whole thing.

So far in our sermons we’ve covered the first four days of creation; you can follow the links below for audio from each of those four sermons. Feedback is welcome, of course!

The First Day: Let There Be Light

The Second Day: Waters Below, Waters Above

The Third Day: The Land Yields Plants

The Fourth Day: The Great Lights

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