My name is Coleman Glenn (yes, really – it’s not Glenn Coleman).  I was ordained into the ministry of the General Church of the New Jerusalem in May of 2009.  As of July 2011, I am the head pastor of the Dawson Creek Church of the New Jerusalem in Dawson Creek, BC.

In New Church (AKA Swedenborgian) theology, good and truth (or love and wisdom) are the essence of God, and everything in the universe has its origin in good and truth.  (And incidentally, because of this it’s known to students in New Church schools as the answer that will give you the best shot at half credit if you don’t know the right answer on a theology test…)  That gives this blog a pretty wide range, since everything in the universe falls under the umbrella of its title.  Mostly, it will be scattered thoughts on theology, pastoring, culture, and maybe a little bit about my life, from one New Churchman’s perspective. (And my first blog post on this new host will be on how frustrating it is to find a good way to refer to ourselves.  New Churchmen and -women?  Swedenborgians?  New Churchers?  Genuine Christians?)

Header image courtesy of Robert Strickland on Flickr via CC license