A Potential Collaboration?

(Note: this was a post that contained information that was not as public as I thought, and so it has been removed. I hope to repost something in the future.) [Read more…]

Breaking a Few Eggs: Donald Trump and the Toxic Principle of Guilt by Association

We are in danger of abandoning a fundamental principle of justice: that a group should be not punished for the sins of an individual. [Read more…]

The Extraterrestrial Problem

Swedenborgians tend to avoid discussing one of the most engaging, easy-to-read works in the New Church canon. Why? Because it’s also the one with the aliens. [Read more…]

The End of the World As We Know It? The New Church Hope for the Future

The New Church believes that the Last Judgment and the “end of the age” have already occurred. So what is the New Church hope for the future of the human race? [Read more…]

Why Trump Defied the Polls

This is not a political blog, and I am not an expert in politics. That’s why I didn’t post the following when I wrote it five days ago. Now that it actually seems to be happening, I’m posting in case it can give any insight into how the polls could have gotten things so wrong. [Read More…]

What’s Wrong with a Tree of Knowledge?

Swedenborgians celebrate the compatibility of science and faith, of reason and religion. But there’s a serpent in the garden. What does it mean to hold a rational faith but to reject the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? [Read more…]