The Best Things: Worship Music Edition

From traditional hymns to an alt-rock concept album, these are three of the spiritual recordings that move me most. Read more

Does God Harden Hearts?

God is responsible for my hard heart only in the sense that my wife is responsible for my stubborn insistence on clinging to a bad mood. Read more

In Defense of Religious Extremism

You can’t have religious freedom without the freedom to be an extremist. Read more

Faith & Fidelity: Part 5, The Purpose of Faith

What is the purpose of faith? It is the same as God’s purpose for everything in creation: a joining together in love. Read more

Our Books Are Here! (As Are All Our Other Earthly Possessions)

We moved without warning to the other side of the world almost a year ago. Our belongings have finally caught up to us. Read more

Faith & Fidelity: Part 4, Battling Lust and Learning to See

How overcoming a pornography addiction led to a deeper faith. Read more

Faith & Fidelity: Part 3, The Upward Spiral of Faith

We all know that belief can lead to action. But the reverse is true too: how you act has an enormous effect on what you will believe. Read more

Faith & Fidelity: Part 2, What Should We Believe?

Faith means more than just belief, but believing the gospel is a vital part of it. So – what is the gospel? Read more

Faith & Fidelity: Part 1, Allegiance vs. Faith

A new book argues that we miss the point of the gospel if we think that faith means belief. Read more

The Answers to All Your Questions

Or at least to the frequently asked ones. Read more

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