An Embarrassment of Riches: The Good Letters Archives

Since 2008, Image Journal’s Good Letters blog has amassed over a thousand posts. In our archives, you’ll find a diverse collection: reviews that go deep, searching personal essays, reflections on art, faith, and culture.

On this week in 2009, you’ll find Jessica Mesman Griffith on separating her vocation as a creative nonfiction writer from the guilt of navel-gazing; Ann Conway on the brutal naivete on display in Generation Kill, a guest post from Annie Young Frisbee reflecting on “The Prisoner” and her own identity search in Greenwich Village; Joel Heng Hartse on writing about faith and popular music; and Santiago Ramos on hope and “Battlestar Galactica.”

And that’s just one sampling. If you began reading after our move to Patheos last year, go here to catch up on the posts you may not have seen.

And thank you for reading Good Letters.

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