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What Would Mariam Do?

Of all the women mentioned in the Quran, only Mariam (as) was mentioned by name, repeatedly, and even a surah was named after her. She, who Allah chose above all the women in the world (Al-Imran:42) and in Paradise (Saheeh Hadith from Hakim’s Al-Mustadrak), she, whose fame rose above all other women in history, honored for her virtue, she who faced her tests with courage and conviction, is Islam’s ideal of womanhood.Indeed it is necessary for both women and men to reflect upon lessons from her … [Read more...]

Inheritance-Learn a Lesson

Read this sad story of an inheritance predicament and learn a lesson. When my husband’s father died more than thirty years ago, the inheritance was divided among his wife and three sons. (There are no daughters) My husband’s mother died a few years after that, and her inheritance was divided among the three sons. I say “divided,” but the inheritances were not actually physically divided; rather they were divided on a paper that the sons wrote themselves. It was something like this: one third of a … [Read more...]

The Not-So-Wrong Path

My commute is not very pleasant. I'm always stuck in traffic, no matter what route I take or how early or late I leave. I usually stick to the straight, one-way path. From point A to point B. It usually takes me an hour, sometimes less. But then there's the point A to C, D, E, F to get to point B, and although it's a longer, sort of odd, path to take, I can avoid traffic and sometimes get to point B in half the time.Today when I was driving back home, I decided I was going to stick to the … [Read more...]

Developing a Taste for Books & Movies

Growing up, I was aware of the movies, video games, and books that my peers read. True, as a homeschooler I was not exposed to them on a daily basis, but the pink and purple rows of The Babysitters' Club beckoned to me at the library. I knew my friends read them and loved them.I remember asking if I could read one, even putting them into my library bag once or twice. My mother shared with me why she would rather I not read those kind of books, but said I could try and see what one was like. … [Read more...]

Chronicles of a School Seeker III

Part IPart IIPart IIII continue my travels, this time to a Montessori school. The Montessori school is picture perfect to me. I look through the observation windows into the classrooms only to see primly dressed, neat, and clean children learning their little hearts and minds out. Oh, what glory! Here’s one boy placing cubes in descending order by size, there’s another, picking pom poms up by a little scooper, and there, over there, a girl reading a book all on her own, looking so pe … [Read more...]

Beyond the Hijab

The school district I teach in does a “transfair” towards the end of each school year, giving current employees the opportunity to interview for other schools they are interested in transferring to. This year, due to moving and ending up with a long commute, I decided to attend the transfair in hopes that I would get a teaching job at a school closer to home.Although in the same county and school district, the school I currently teach at and the schools I am interviewing for are very dif … [Read more...]

Chronicles of the School Seeker II

Part IPart IINext leg of my journey, another Islamic school. We meet the principal, observe the class in session, pick the teacher’s brains again with questions. Nice, I think again. Friendly staff, colorful/creative classroom setup, a paced out school day. I leave the school hopeful, this is it. We walk to the car, my husband and I, to talk to it over. I point out to him how the school day is not too jam-packed with lessons and academics. There’s time for lunch, recess, snack, and … [Read more...]