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More About Umm Hamza

Read the first part of Umm Hamza's story here.  Umm Hamza told me something really amazing today. But before I tell you more about her, let me tell you about our landlord. (Bear with me, because I need to write a rather long story.) They’ve been wanting a cleaning lady for months now, and they noticed Umm Hamza coming and going every Thursday. The watchman, who knows pretty much everything that goes on in this building, told the landlord that Umm Hamza was my cleaning … [Read more...]

The Month of Seizures

A couple weeks ago, my daughter and I were perusing old photos and videos of her life on the computer.  She loves to see the changes in herself and her brother.  As we browsed, one folder was left unopened.  August 2006… the month of her seizures.  That month, my sweet daughter was ten months old and our only child.  Within a period of twenty-four hours, she had two seizures. The first one came while she was nursing just before maghrib.  Her eyes … [Read more...]

Ramadan Memories

There is one memory that jumps to my mind when I think of Ramadan, and most importantly when I think of the spirit of Ramadan. I grew up in the States, so the one Ramadan that I spent in Egypt as an adult was a new experience. I was never sure if it beat my Ramadans back home in America, but this one memory of Ramadan in Egypt fills me with happiness and the spirit of racing to do good that Ramadan inspires in all of us... (wa fee thalika fal yatanafas il mutanafisun- And in that, let them … [Read more...]