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Hard Work

I still read parenting and schooling books whenever I can. But I've begun to read them more like a frustrated grad student than an interested mother. I read the first three chapters, and then the conclusion to make sure there wasn’t a good part I missed. While I come across an occasional gem, many parenting books are a mirage and I walk away with a few pennies instead of a jackpot. Instead of discovering something new or different, it is just more of the same, except more diluted, … [Read more...]

No Line

In a recent vacation with my husband and son, we decided we wanted to “see it all” so we customized our tickets to go through one route, but return from another. Visiting several countries, we used a mix of planes, rental cars, and the old fashion crossing borders by foot.At the border crossing of one particular country, a Middle Eastern country (I’ll leave it at that), I was not too surprised when I noticed that there was a bit of chaos and a lack of order and organization at the immig … [Read more...]


Today I paid my seven year old son one dollar to teach his almost 5 year old sister how to read. Do I feel guilty? Hmm…I don’t usually believe in monetary rewards at this age, but somehow this action fit the situation. My son was looking for ways to earn money to buy a new lego set and my daughter prefers to do everything, I mean everything with her older brother.So when  he asked her “Do you want to read with me?” Her eyes saucered and her face lit like the … [Read more...]

Magic Peaches

 Today, for the first time, I felt like pretending I didn't know my kids.I truly felt like just standing there, looking at the exhibits in the Air and Space Museum in D.C., and pretending I didn't know those two little two-year-old girls, running around the hallways and up and down the stairs, yelling like little wild American Indians. I wanted to walk away and let my husband deal with them.I was tired. I was at my tether's end.But then, so was my husband. For the … [Read more...]

Happy Eid!

Wishing you a happy and blessed Eid!  May Allah accept our fasting, prayers and remembrances during the blessed month of Ramadan. Eid Mubarak and Happy Eid! ~ GrowMama Team … [Read more...]

Last Ten Days

We're in the last ten days of Ramadan and so much to be done.... Let's not forget the dua'a that the Prophet (pbuh) taught his beloved wife,  Aishah, for these blessed days and nights, "Allahuma innaka 'afun tuhibul 'afwa fa'fu 'anna- O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me. "Wishing you a blessed ten nights...~ GrowMama Team … [Read more...]