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Growmama Picks June 2012

Growmama Picks is a collection of fun, interesting, and inspiring links that we share with you at the end of every month. Enjoy!1. We are now in the Islamic month of Shabaan, only a few weeks away from Ramadan. Here are some tips on what we should be doing in this month.2. A well-written reflection on becoming a father from a Muslim perspective.3. There were some fascinating articles on parenting and motherhood this month: see this one in The Atlantic on working moms and "having it … [Read more...]

Summer Fun!

Alhamdulillah summer has begun!  Unfotunately one of my children, ruptured his ear drum. So this summer, we have to come up with  exciting activities that do  not include water slides, pools and squirt guns. Here are some of our ideas and we hope you will join in with more of your brilliant thoughts. Science club:InshaAllah, once a week I am planning to invite some of my children's classmates to enjoy one hour of fun science experiments followed by an hour of outdoor play in our yard. Ins … [Read more...]

GrowMama Roundup: Your Must Have Smartphone App

Are you a smartphone user? Is there one smartphone app that is a must-have for you and your family? One that keeps you organized, entertained, updated or in touch with someone you love? Read on for some GrowMama tips and share your favorite app with us today!T shares:Skype: It may not be a typical "must have" for moms, but it has definitely helped me keep my son in touch with my family around the world. I love that he is able to see them "face to face" and that they can talk to him … [Read more...]


It’s fajr time, and for today at least I have kept my resolve not to dig back under the covers. I take a deep breath, a long sip of coffee, and enjoy the peace of silence―a sound that has become almost alien since the school year has ended and summer begun.I make resolutions all the time. Today I’ll start reading a whole juzu’ of Quran a day, and I’ll walk an hour on the treadmill. I won’t eat any junk. I’ll pray jama3a more often. I’ll involve my kids in the activities I’m doing.  I’ll remai … [Read more...]

Acts of Righteousness

As Muslim parents, we always look for ways to build positive characteristics in our children. In America, the problem of homelessness and hunger - while it is an issue - is not as obvious as in other parts of the world. For many children, the problem of hunger is hidden - something they can't see or experience. Sometimes our children ask for material items - more games, more videos, etc. - and cannot relate to the fact that some children their age are less fortunate. We may respond to them by … [Read more...]

A Special Graduation

On May 23, 2012 my daughter Kay graduated from Pre-K from the on campus school where I attend college and I celebrated her graduation with a cake and special present from her father and me. I wanted her graduation to be special, not only because she finished Pre-K but because Kay had finished three years at my college. She started out going to daycare as a 2-year-old all because I wanted to pursue my dream of completing my degree. My daughter sacrificed a lot these past three years; there were … [Read more...]

This “Game” of Life

A colleague of mine recently told me that her friend has passed away. It was heartbreaking news, even though I didn’t know her friend, only because lately the news of people with serious illness, diseases, and amounts of deaths have been overwhelming. It’s like a wake-up call to the fact that we don’t live forever and the purpose of why we are on this earth to begin with. The day after my colleague’s friend’s funeral, I was hit with even worse news. She told me the reason behind her friend’s deat … [Read more...]

Off beat

This past year Maryam has been transitioning from a toddler to a preschooler. This past year I came to appreciate how easy toddlers are to deal with. With her opinion becoming more audible, our daily activities involve striking some deal or another.“Maryam we need to brush your teeth, it’s almost bedtime.”“No! I want yogurt!”“Okay, we’ll eat yogurt first but then brush your teeth, deal?”“Deal.”We are each practicing the art of negotiation, but it gets extremely frustrating whe … [Read more...]