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Sowing the Seeds

When my daughter was born, I did what every mom would do.  I made sure she got the best start.  I got rid of all dangerous chemicals from the house including cleaning supplies.  When she started solids, I only fed her organic wholesome foods.  I wanted to build her personality and manners on a good solid Islamic cornerstone, so I took her to Ishaa‘ prayer every night so she could hear the Quran being read.  I also made sure to say all my duaa’s out loud, in hopes that she would start repeating so … [Read more...]

GrowBaba Spotlight: A Letter to My Unconceived Child

In the Name of Allah, The All-Merciful, The Giver of MercyLord, I have dedicated what is growing in my womb entirely to You; so accept this from me. You are the One who hears and knows all (Surah Al ‘Imran, verse 35)GrowBaba spotlights provide a space for Muslim men to share their voice, reflections, and insights with our community.As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh,I don’t know you yet, and I don’t know if I’ll ever know you. Allah alone will determine whether I am to be … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Picks

Do you have extra canned pumpkin puree in your pantry or have the three generic pumpkin options just become, well, kinda...generic? We asked friends how they use up their mashed pumpkin and the response was nothing short of inspiring. Here are some great suggestions if you find yourself stuck in a rut!1. Like the taste of Starbucks Pumpkin Bread? Have a go at it in your very own kitchen.2. Chocolate chips and pumpkins seem to go hand in hand. Here is a recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip … [Read more...]