Book Review: Dwell In Tranquility

We are starting off our Grow Mama Book Club with the book,  Dwell In Tranquility An Islamic Road Map to the Vibrant Marriage ( by Kamal Shaarawy.

Some of the most special gifts from Allah SWT are the ones He plops right in my lap. Recently, a dear friend sent me the book, Dwell in Tranquility An Islamic Road Map to the Vibrant Marriage. I smiled when I saw the author, Ustadh Kamal Shaarawy. He was well known in the community I had lived in previously for counseling Muslim families. I like his unique background – he graduated in Islamic Studies at Al Azhar, he has strong knowledge of tarbiya (the development of an Islamic personality) and holds over 25 years experience in clinical psychology. He helps families all over the USA.

I like the book. It has a cozy feel to it. It’s a little larger than your usual paperback for easy reading, handling and viewing diagrams. The quotes from Quran, hadith and famous scholars are described with depth and referenced well. The cover connects my heart and thoughts to Jannah. It shows a winding stone path bordered with luscious green grass and a pink cherry blossom branch reflecting off the waters. It inspires a very nice feeling inside.

This book is written for married couples and those who aspire to be married. I also think that it would be a good read for anyone interested in improving their interpersonal communication and management skills. In life, it’s not always about what you say, but rather how and when you say it :).

Ustadh Shaarawy dedicates his book to his beloved parents and to couples “…who place their marriage at the top of their priority list and refuse to settle for a mediocre marriage.” Given the distractions we have in these times, it’s important to hear these words. Ustadh. Shaarawy quotes a sound hadith from Imam Tirmidhi about guarding our relationships:

The Prophet (SAW) said ”May I tell you something more important in degree than prayer, fasting, and charity? The companion said, “Oh yes.” He said, “To keep the mutual relationship on the right footing, because a defect in the relationship shaves a thing clean.” In this hadith, to shave a thing clean is referring to shaving the religion (deen).

Ustadh Shaarawy shares wonderful stories about the families he works with and the lessons to be derived from them. His book describes the importance of marriage as a form or social meaning in life. He encourages us to reflect inward to understand our behaviors and to be self aware of the impact on others. He encourages us to take responsibility for our actions and how it impacts a marriage. He asks us to consider if we are living life as a “Lower Soul” who often interprets the negative side of circumstances. This is considered a path of discord. Or do we live like the “Tranquil Soul” that enjoins a positive attitude, open mind and hope of Allah SWT’s Mercy and Guidance. This is the path of harmony for relationships and living life itself.

I have so much to share with you about “Dwell in Tranquility An Islamic Road Map to the Vibrant Marriage.” InshaAllah I’ll write part II soon.

 Sarah Ibrahim

Sarah Ibrahim is a loving mother of two budding mountain climbers. She enjoys healthy cooking, reading and finding creative ways for family exercise!


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  • dove

    thank you for introducing me to this book. It’s good to know who the credible experts on these topics are and the book seems like a great resource! I’m excited to read it!

  • Raghad

    Thanks Sarah for bringing this to our attention – as with everything in life, as you mention I also believe we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity and strive for ‘ihsan’ – to excel – in all we do as our beloved prophet peace be upon him recommended. On this topic specifically, I felt that so many single sisters are not entirely sure of the process of marriage, what they should be looking for, etc. and that right now even with married couples unfortunately divorce rates are up, especially in the first year or two of marriage – which is alarming:S So I started the project with the vision of enabling Muslim sisters to build and maintain successful and blissful marriages in sha Allah by starting off with choosing a husband that will take them by the hand to jannah in sha Allah and to exemplify Allah’s promise for us in the Quran for marriage – a life of love ,mercy, and tranquility through educating themselves on marriage to make the right decision in sha Allah (So this isn’t a matchmaking service;))

    Thanks once again for sharing – I hope to get a copy of the book soon in sha Allah – all the best to you and all of our sisters.