Hijab Party

I live in a small university town and we have established a very nice tradition here, Alhamdullilah. When our young sisters decide to start covering, we have an all girls’ celebration.  Each girl/mom brings a scarf of their own to share with the new hijabee. We have sweets and socializing followed by an interactive program. A few sisters demonstrate different ways to tie a headscarf and show how to match them up with outfits. The younger sisters are the models. The girls laugh and giggle as they try different styles and colors of headscarves. Mirrors are important at this event :)

Then we have a short talk about modesty and the benefits of hijab. We also do a little role playing about typical hijab scenarios that occur at school with their peers, the mall with strangers or at home with their parents. Near the end, young and older sisters shared hijab stories and experiences. Some were humorous while others were very serious stories. I overheard girls who have not started wearing hijab talk about looking forward to their own hijab party. At the very end, the new hijabee chooses from all the scarves and takes the ones she likes for her collection. Others happily take the leftovers. I like these types of events because it strengthens bonds of sisterhood in a way that they simply cannot do with their girlfriends of other faiths.

An event like this one also honors the occasion of an act obedience to Allah SWT.  In a small community like ours, I was especially glad that my pre-school aged daughter attended. InshaAllah, community experiences like this will help shape her mind towards developing an American Muslim woman’s identity.

 Sharda Mohammad

Sharda is a Canadian born mother of two young children. She has a keen interest in learning to  foster leadership, self esteem, and empathy in young children. She works part time as a Physical Therapist.

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  • Maha

    I would love to attend one of these parties! In addition to encouraging hijab, it sounds like a way for mothers and daughters to bond.

  • Sameera

    MashaAllah, such a nice way to celebrate and bond.

  • lynnred

    Hi, I am new to this sight. My daughter recently married a muslim man. She met him at the university. He is from saudi. They were married three months. (she joined islam) He said he couldnt take her to saudi because his family wouldn’t care for her because she is a westerner. Also, he said the culture would not be good for her. I am devestated as I watch my daughter grieve for the love of her life. Also, I am Christian, my husband is a Pastor and we just don’t understand how he could treat her this way. I am thinking maybe some of you women can help me help my daughter get over this man.

    Please help me understand

  • admin

    Dear lynnred,

    Thank you for your readership and recent comment on the Growmama blog. We are so sorry to hear about the troubles you and your family are going through. Growmama does not give out personal advice on specific situations. However, we encourage you to consider reposting your comment as a thread on the discussion board (http://growmama.com/forum/) in order to get some feedback from our readers. The discussion board is a wonderful resource where Growmama readers share their personal experiences and exchange advice.

    We pray that you find a peaceful, satisfactory resolution.


    The Growmama team

  • FPK

    Assalamu Alaikum:

    Dear Admin.

    RE: Lynnred.

    I do not think that advising Lynnred to repost her comments in a blog is ideal. She is obviously grieving and in need of sound advice and maybe even some consolation. I don’t think her frame of mind is one that will respond to a blog. I would strongly recommend that she speaks to a knowledgeable and respected islamic scholar or personality and have this issue addressed competently and on a personal level. I recognize this is an old post but still thought I should share my comment. . . Allahu Alam.

    May Allah guide and protect you all and bless your good work.