A Prayer with Wings

Prayer has the ability to lighten your heart, to take away your grief and sorrow and to strengthen your imân. Our journey in this world is often to be compared with a walk through rural mountains. Beautiful and breathtaking as they can be, they require also a steady walk, good preparation and lots of positive energy if one sets his mind on exploring them.

The gifts we receive during our lives contain many blessings and benefits for one who is willing to seek and find them. Wisdom and keys are hidden throughout our paths and sometimes shine through spots we’d never think of ourselves. This makes life interesting and special. When you take a close look, there’s so much beauty that surrounds us. Birds singing their songs every single day. The sun which brings new light every single day. The wind and rain which bring hope and life. The flowers with their ‘magical’ appearance. The list goes on and on and never seems to end. When we’re willing to actually take a closer look at our blessings, gratitude will manifest itself and set root within our hearts and minds. InshaAllâh, it will stay close to us, instead of fleeing away during an unattended moment. Allâh loves the ones who are grateful and humble, who see all as grace, no matter what befalls them.

Deep within me, I know this. But, oh to always feel these words, to live them straight from my heart. Sometimes tears never seem to take a hold and life seems so hard and not beautiful at all. Sometimes when I feel like that, these words, these promises from Allâh that He will always comfort us seem so far away like I can’t reach them. YetI know that they are true and fully available for anyone who looks for them. Allâh is waiting for us. He is near. He will never leave us. He is the All-wise, Almighty, Most Loving. During times when we don’t understand where life is taking us, He will carry us even more than He usually does, bringing us hope and new insights.

Trust in Him, and everything will be all right. Trust in Him, reach to Him, and your prayer will wash away your pain. It will bring you wings equal to that of giant birds, running country horses and lovely butterflies. During your prayer, it will be as if you’re carried away, traveling and visiting beautiful places on the earth. Calmness will come and stay. And the true King, the Majestic and Loving Allâh, with all His gentleness and strength, will shower you with His Mercy, InshaAllâh.

Dreamily and happily, you’d like to be so near Him, at the perfect place. While, El Hamdoelillâh, He is already near us. And He provides and gives and waits and loves like no one can, for He is The Most Loving and Noble.

Let our love for You, Ya Allâh, increase and stay with us, forever and ever.

Let us be grateful and loving to ourselves and others.

Let us clearly see the blessings You bestow us with, even during hardship.


Oem ‘Îsa wa Hawâ’ wa Maimoonah

Tasneem loves blueberries and authentic Moroccan tea. She and her husband have three wonderful children and together they love to fully embrace family life through seeking their unique homeschooling journey, inshaAllâh. She blogs at www.threecherries.wordpress.com.

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