Date Baskets

This project started out with us planning to give Ramadan Introduction gift baskets to our neighbors. But it became a double-project, the Ramadan Intro gift baskets as well as Ramadan Date gift baskets for both sets of grandparents alhamdulillah.  What better gift to give in Ramadan than dates, in hopes of earning the reward promised by our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): “He who gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will receive the same reward as him. And nothing will be subtracted from the fasting person’s reward.”

Medjool Dates
Cashews or Walnuts
candy foil wrappers (Michaels)
Tin gift basket
short note introducing Ramadan (for the neighbors)

We pitted the dates and stuffed them with cashews and walnuts.  We then proceeded to wrap them individually and place them in our tin basket.  We wrote Ramadan Mubarak and attached it to the basket along with some pretty ribbon.  Alhamdulillah, things worked out nicely.
I hope this project helps the girls realize the beauty of gifting people we love as well as teaching people about Islam and being good to our neighbors.  As our Prophet (pbuh) taught us, “Give gifts, you will spread love.”

The Abdul-rahman girls, ages 4 and 2.5 years, enjoy playing with their friends and cousins, listening to stories galore and dressing in twirly dresses.

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  • maha

    I’m still wanting to do something like this! It’s a really good opportunity to meet our neighbors. I guess two weeks late is still OK?

  • Jessi

    Beautiful, mashaAllah!

  • ummossama

    What a nice idea!!! JAK for sharing!!!

  • Hawwa

    mashaAllah great idea! I have been wanting to give our neighbors a box of almond dates each since the first day of ramadan and still didnt find the time to do that! I guess its still not that late to send the girls over to each neighbor with a decorated box :) barakAllahu feeki