Fanoose Ramadan (Ramadan Lanterns)

Hawwa and her girls, Mariam and Reem love doing arts and crafts.Making Ramadan lanterns is their way of welcoming Ramadan and feeling a sense of belonging. The inspiration for these lanterns comes from this website.


Hawwa Hamza is living with her husband and 3 girls in United Arab Emirates. She is a member of an Islamic book club in Sharjah and is currently reading on tafseer al quran.  Her mission is to do her jihad by raising and educating her children and building their characters to follow the commands of Allah and pass on the message of Islam.

Mariam Essam is a 6 year old second grade student.  She has memorized the last 2 parts of Quran.  She loves to pray taraweeh and learn about her religion and asks many questions.

Reem Essam is a 4 year old kindergarten student.  Her favorite subjects are math and arts and crafts.

GrowMama’s Ramadan Spirit Contest is open to all submissions.  Email your photos, essays, recipes and more to

About Marwa Aly
  • ummossama

    OHHHHH!!! ….you brightened my day….what a sweet post!!!!Mash’allah. Love the lanterns and that big smile. Ramadan Kareem ..Hawwa,Mariam and Reem!!!!JAK for sharing and spreading your joy!!!

  • fatima

    Beautiful lanterns mashaAllah. Great job, Mariam and Reem!!! Ramadan Mubarak from my girls.

  • Maha

    Cool lanterns girls!! I’m going to make some with my daughters too! :)

  • Hawwa

    barakAllahu feekum, I am soo glad you liked it, its just something kids really enjoy :) !! My girls are saying Ramadan Mubarak to you all :)

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