Growmama Picks May 2012

Growmama Picks is a collection of fun, interesting, and inspiring links that we share with you at the end of every month. Enjoy!

1. Learning to deal with babies in the masjid. It’s a two-way street.

2. With the change of seasons comes the “great clothes swap.” Here is one blogger’s advice on swapping summer clothes for winter clothes with less organizational wrinkles.

3. A writer reflects on the dilemma of being Muslim, young, educated, female, and single.

4. The need to justify and assign labels to what we do as mothers is strong. This blogger suggests we let go of that urge.

5. An affordable, simple swimwear solution for girls that is also decent: a rash guard top and boy’s swim trunks (found in any department store). Like this and this.

6. We can start prepping for Ramadan in the month of Rajab–here is what we can be doing.

7. There are no words for Syria, no words that could capture the horror and monstrosity. Even more horrifying than the mutilation of children is the world’s silence at such crimes. If any of us were shifted slightly in time and place, those would be our screams, our blood, our children muted into silence. As Muslims, they indeed are our children. There are too many links to choose one here, but this article from The Telegraph manages to give a small picture of what happened this week in Houla.

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