GrowMama Roundup: Favorite Ramadan Activities for Busy Moms

Blessed Ramadan is nearly hear! In anticipation, we asked some of our writers what are their favorite Ramadan activities for becoming closer to our Creator. Here is what they said:

M shares:

One of my favorite Ramadan activities has to do with getting in quality family time with the Qur’an. We’ll gather pillows from all over the apartment, throw them in the middle of the living room, sit down and begin reciting. Our two year old likes to hold her own Qur’an and flip through the pages while her fingers haphazardly scroll over the letters. My husband and I then reflect on what struck us the most out of what we read. Sometimes it’s about the signs of nature, and other times it has to do with our own personal goals and how close/far away we feel our relationship with Allah (swt) is. We would like to make this practice more of a habit throughout the year and what better way to start than in Ramadan?

D says:

Coming closer to Allah during Ramadan isn’t as much about what I add to my schedule as it is about what I remove from it. I limit my nightly TV watching to near nothing, which allows me spare time for night prayers, Quran recitation, and thikr. Even two rakat, plus witr prayer after isha is enough to get me spiritually elevated. I don’t attend the night prayers at the masjid due to having children and the crowdedness of the masjid. Instead, I supplement that with attending Fajr prayer at the masjid, which is by far my favorite Ramadan activity (one that I usurp from my husband from time to time :)). There is something really special and energizing about witnessing the break of dawn. I pray we each live up to our expectations, and more, this Ramadan!

S writes:

I like to include the kids in my Ramadaan ibadaat as much as possible. This way, there is better chance for it to get done.  I try and do something that helps us all remember Allah SWT. After Dhur and Asr salah, we do a short simple reminder about the bounties of Ramadaan. SubhanaAllah how the simplest reminder can benefit the young child and an adult. After the reminder, together we  listen to 10 ayat of Quran. I read the translation aloud if they are still around:) Before Margib or bed time, which ever comes first, we make dhikr together. Short simple phases. I remind myself and the children how much Allah SWT and His angels love to hear the remembrance of Allah. I tell them how the angels are calling other angels to come hear the praises of Allah SWT. I remind them of the multiple rewards in Ramdaan and we wonder what special Ramadaan reward Allah SWT has for us.

Sometimes at the end of a long day I am simply too tired to stay awake for taraweeh salah. I sleep after ish’a. Then, I try and wake up ten mins before I start suhoor and pray two rakat and witr. My salah is short, but undisturbed. I am completely focused.I feel like it’s the time when my heart leaves my body and goes to Allah. SubhanAllah.

While making suhoor, I recite dhikr. Before fajr I read Quran for as long as I am able.Sometimes it’s just five ayat. After fajr I make dhikr and read a little more Quran for as long as my body feels able. I always tell myself, Allah SWT expects that we do what we can, as best as we can. A little here and there can add up to more than you expect.

Lastly, I don’t let snuggle time go to waste. In Ramadaan we rest a little in the day. While we are in bed, and they are climbing on me, making fortes, tickling each others toes, watching the science channel etc. I make dhikr quietly in my head.

May Allah SWT Make your Ramadaan prosperous and very special. Ramadaan Kareem!

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