Hajj Chronicles II: The Little Things

It’s the little things that people do, that have others praying for them, without them even realizing, and may be the reason they enter Paradise.

While we were sitting in the Haram in Makkah, on the third floor, I noticed people fidgeting in front of me, and then slowly I noticed the crowds flicking a large cockroach or cricket-type bug around.  When you’re sitting in a crowd of a million, there’s no place for this insect to go but onto another person.  And so it got dangerously near me.  And though I don’t have a fear of insects, this one was pretty large, and I had no tissues on me to pick it up with.  So I ignored it, moved my feet and prayer rug around, and let it go on its merry way, bothering some other hajji.

A few seconds later, a young man came and picked up this insect with his own bare hands, to dispose of it God knows where.  All I could do was pray for him.  He had just saved one million other hajjis from discomfort; had helped save their concentration for prayer.  May Allah reward him greatly.  He did us all a favor and removed harm from his fellow Muslim’s path.

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) said,

“Once, a man saw the branch of a tree in the middle of a road. So, he said, ‘By Allah, I will remove this from the path of the Muslims so they may not be hurt. ‘ For this action, he was put in Paradise.” Muslim

Fatima Abdallah

Fatima lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two daughters.  She is currently a full-time mother and part-time youth worker with MAS Youth.

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  • mountaineermama

    JAK. I really enjoyed and benefitted from your hajj reflections. InshaAllah, one day, when I have my first visit to the kaba your words will be with me.

  • Maha

    mA Fatima. You noticed such beautiful little things around you in Hajj. Only a sensitive heart can do that.

  • kariman

    subhana Allah fatima, this post made me look for your first post on hajj which made me cry. i think i’d love to have you as a companion on this journey that we hope to take next year insha’a Allah

  • ummossama

    Really lovely post ..such a noble thing that young man did. mash’allah. Thanks for reminding us to try and notice all the small acts of kindness that go on around us each day. JAK….