Kitchen Pot Holders

Kitchen Pot Holders January 7, 2011
I’ve been married for 11 years. Like a treasured friend, are my kitchen pot holders. The pair are stained with curry and tomato paste, faded, tethered and almost burnt through in spots. There are several new pairs in the drawer but, for some reason I just can’t let these ones go.
My pot holders were there during those first newlywed meals and traveled with me from our studio apartment to the one bedroom, then the two bedroom, later cross country. Each floral square teamed nobly by my side while I made those first meals for the relatives, neighbors and friends. So many memories in such a small piece of functional fabric. From baby foods to Eid desserts those pot holders were with me for miles and miles of labored love.
While many have visited and bought me new ones, they just don’t fit the job. Maybe not broken in enough, too thick, too complicated or something that turns me away. I marvel over my attachment to these simple pot holders and realize that they are a treasured gift from Allah. So many times we forget the little things that make life a little easier. To all you cooks out there, may God bless your hands for every meal you prepared in His name and may we all be grateful for His simple pleasures. Ameen.
Sharda Mohammed

Sharda Mohammed is a Canadian born mother of two young children. She has a keen interest in learning to  foster leadership, self esteem, and empathy in young children. She works part time as a Physical Therapist.

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