Losing the First Tooth

It was just after lunch yesterday when the announcement came…..”Mum look my tooth is moving!” Acting like a typical ‘mother in denial’ I asked….”did you hit your mouth anywhere?” Of course the answer was no and I should have been prepared for this, after all just a couple months before, at his dental checkup, we stared in disbelief at the x-ray revealing new teeth hidden beneath his gums, waiting to make their debut.

My 6 ½ year old son was losing the first of his baby teeth. He was excited, a little apprehensive but anxious to share his news with everyone. I, on the other hand, developed a toothache, yes the two teeth in the middle of my bottom jaw began to hurt.

“Brace yourself”, I chided myself, “be strong and don’t let him see how you really feel….Yes that’s the plan of attack”.

Forthwith I launched into my monologue about what an exciting time this was and of course how very careful we needed to be from now on, in terms of caring for his new teeth. No, you would not swallow your loose tooth at night, but we should make du’a and ask Allah to make this an easy transition, aameen.

Secretly I was the one needing to make the du’a more. By the help of Allah, we had made it through his first fall, weaning and potty training, to name a few….now I needed to turn to Allah once more to supply me with the strength and courage to handle this new stage of development.

This time was different though, somehow this phase seemed more like a new beginning, a growth of sorts (and I’m not referring to the actual teeth). My little son was growing up, he was entering into the second 7 years of his life and the physical evidence was mounting.

Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA) encouraged parents to play with their children during the first stage (the first seven years), to focus on training and discipline in the next seven and to befriend them and form amicable relationships with them during the third stage. After this, children are now adults and are set free.

Maybe the real problem wasn’t the shaking tooth, but the milestone that it represented.

My big son is getting the first of his permanent, adult teeth and me…….well….I’m the mum with the ice pack, the mum in the corner feeling anxious, feeling scared and feeling pain.

Ferial Khan

Ferial Khan resides in Southern Maryland with her husband and two children. She loves to hug and kiss her children often, find some quiet time each day to read, spend time with family and friends and learn more about our amazing Deen.

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