Only If You Try III

Part III

You don’t.

You look in your bag and Allah will provide. So I told her Mama would look in the diaper bag, and what did I find? A long-forgotten container of cheerios and raisins. I was so happy I shrieked out that I had found cheerios and raisins, can you believe it girls? I found cheerios and raisins!! Everyone in the room looked at me, but I was so happy I didn’t care, and the girls feasted on those until they were full. Then they were thirsty, and they started up their loud “ma’-UH” routine, which is when I remembered distinctly that their water bottles had fallen to the floor in the car, and I hadn’t retrieved them before we left.

I told them we could drink water when we got back to the car, insha Allah. They didn’t accept that, and demanded water in even louder voices. So I opened my bag and looked again, hoping to find something, and sure enough I found the little cap that comes with the Benadryl, and thought that maybe, just maybe, beside the bathroom, there’d be a water fountain. So I told the girls to come with me, and sure enough, there were two: one working, one not. So I filled that little measuring cup over and over and over, ’til the girls had had enough, and when I lifted my head I saw the woman at the counter beckoning to me to come. So I walked over, and she told me my paper was ready!

Alhamdulillah, the girls were very good company the whole time, with no crying or fits or throwing themselves on the floor, and they very peacefully fell asleep in the car on the way home.

I felt I had so many opportunities to give up, but I remembered a dream I had long ago (a whole other story!) about just trying, and Allah had helped me in my dream, so I did just try, and things worked out beautifully, every step of the way.

Asiya Akyurt

"This is absolutely beautiful! May Allah continue to bless you and your family."

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