The Flame

The flame, lost in its direction cannot find its balance. It seems to be fighting desperately to just stay alive – how ironic?

For it to stay alive, the wick allows itself to burn and the wax permits its own melting.

The soul – in order for it to stay alive with imaan, also struggles. It is in constant motion to find steadiness, just like the flame.

I know that my body and ego must burn in order to feed the soul; not just for the soul to stay lit, but also to bring light to others.

This candle has a scent to it. When the flame finally burns out, which smell will stand out more – the fragrance of wild berries or the chocking smoke from the wick?

O Rabb, in this darkness, I know your presence around me. Shukur, Alhamdulillah for making me realize that I could be the flame – no matter how small I am, when there is darkness around me, I still bring light.

It may not be as much as Your sun or Your moon, but at least it is enough to fill the room with Your noor.

The wick is so stable, still, silent – yet the flame dances around it, burning it. Is the wick my self that is supposed to remain strong, steady, with sabr while the flame is acts as this duniya, helping the self to purify itself?

Warda Faraz is a mother of 3 daughters and lives in Wyoming. She loves to spend time reading, gardening, and cooking


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