The Stream

This stream I sit next to – does it realize where it is going?  Does it realize where it came from? Does it matter to it? 

 It is flowing right here, right now – so much energy, such force, such determination!  All in one direction – blind faith; no arguments.  It sees the rocks in the middle, the trees that grow inside the stream, all acting as obstacles, but it does not allow itself to stop herself.  She just flows with such grace, such beauty, such purity, such val ore!

 As it flows, it creates energy, power,  a roar  – a declaration to itself and the universe – “Come on!  This way!”  From the highest of the mountain tops to its destiny, it just flows.  It does not even stop to rest or even reflect if it is going the right way.

 When the time comes to turn, it does, when the time comes to merge into something bigger, it will, when time tells it to flow alone with grander, it does.   Until then flow, just flow.

 And the marvel: as it flows with such intensity, such power, such steadfastness, it does not disturb the trees that grow around its banks even though the branches are just two feet above water, fortunate enough to witness the stream’s strength.  It does not disturb the animals that drink from it, it just flows.  It does not matter if it is day or night, sunny or cloudy, if people are around or not, it just flows – keeps going –  much more powerful than my little energizer bunny!

 I hear so much thunder, yet I am dry.  I don’t feel the rain, yet.  Will the thunder effect the river?

 Absolutely not – then why am I not like it? Can I be like it?  Can I flow the flow until my time comes to merge with something bigger?

 O Allah, help me just flow.  Help me in the midst of all the beauty, temptations, thunder, storms, help me just flow – towards You and You alone, ameen. 

Warda Faraz is a mother of 3 daughters and lives in Wyoming. She loves to spend time reading, gardening, and cooking

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