Trusting 100%

It’s easy to say that you trust Allah has a reason for everything, but it is not as easy to truly put your mind and heart at ease and accept plans that are already written for you.

Early last year, my husband and I started looking to purchase a home. Each time we would see a home that fit our criteria, we would pray estekhara but would also do everything in our power to try to make it work out. Our hopes were put down twice. Both times, subhanallah, another contract would get put through on the same house just minutes before we put in our offer. The first time, I was furious, and insisted that there be an exception- after all, we saw the house first and our offer was higher! The second time I tried to make the bank change their mind. It was a short sale home and the bank had put a minimum purchase price that the first offer (put on the same day, just a bit earlier than us) did not meet. We thought for sure we would get the house- our offer was $50,000 higher and met the minimum asking price! But no, we were put down again. I was just as furious and wanted to give up.

But then I remembered that there is a reason for everything, and I must put my trust in Allah. I prayed that Allah guide us in the right direction and give us what He knows is best for us. Months later, we were driving around one Sunday afternoon when we noticed a “for sale” sign in front of some trees. We almost drove off because we didn’t see a house, but then took a closer look. Mashallah, there behind the trees laid a lovely home, nestled in a peaceful corner surrounded by trees and flowers. There were birds chirping and squirrels chasing each other in the yard. For where it’s located, this was quite a shock to be in such a secluded haven just minutes away from one of the nation’s worse traffic highways. Subhanallah, things unfolded with such ease from that day. At times when I would start to get nervous, I would quickly remember to pray to Allah and ask him for patience and guidance.

We’ve been living in our new home for a couple weeks now. Elhamdulela, I can’t be happier and I thank Allah for truly giving us the best.

Hoda is a wife and a mother to a stillborn daughter in heaven and a one year old son. She is an elementary school teacher in public school and lives in Virginia.

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  • fatima

    This is so sweet mashaAllah!!!!! Congrats! How long do i need to find a dream home? :)

  • Maha

    YAY!!! I’m so happy for you and smiling with excitement, masha’allah. May Allah swt fill your home with light and iman and happiness!

    LOL, Fatima!

  • thanaya

    Assalamalaikum! mashaAllah im so happy for u sister! and yes, youre right its not always easy to put our entire faith in Allah since we are very ordinary human beings with hopes and wants and aims and wishes, but it is good to keep trying… what is wonderful is that when you put your entire faith in Him mashaAllah He(SWT) rewarded you in such a gracious manner! subhanAllah… jazakAllah for sharing your experience with us sister! May Allah swt grant you loads of happiness health and contentment in your new dwelling, Ameen

  • ummossama

    AA Hoda,

    Such an important lesson and with a happy ending!!! Al-Humdulillah.

    May Allah(swt) bless your new home and make it a place of peace and comfort for you and your family. I love flowers, birds , trees and all places secluded. Sooooo…. when are you going to invite us all over?:)