Ya Qaafidu, Ya Raafiu

Indeed All praises are for You, My Lord. May Your Peace and Blessings be upon our Beloved Rasool.

Today Ya Allah, I reach for you in the lowest of health. Ya Qaafidu do not abase me. Ya Raafiu elevate me to a high honor. Let me be one who is oft loving and pleasing to You in intention, word and action. Give me the breath, knowledge and strength to serve You as a mother, daughter, sister, neighbor and however You see fit. Show me how to use my skills to be one of your beloved. Teach me patience and perseverance in a way that makes me love you more and does not burden my heart. Teach me in a way that does not make me feel you are punishing me.Oh my Lord of All the Worlds, forgive me, send baraka upon me and my family and I beg you please do not abase me. Ameen.

There are times in life, when so many things go wrong all at once. During those times, my heart worries that Allah SWT is unhappy with me and I feel what seems like His consequences. I keep telling myself, that no no, it’s Allah’s way of testing me. Tests  to make me stronger and grow closer to Him. Hopefully, that is what it is, but truthfully, sometimes it could be from the latter. I’m human, full of hope, love, ideals, energy and choices to make. My Lord give me the strength and wisdom to make the right choices.

My Lord, give me opportunites to be reminded of your Mercy and full my heart with hope for Your Grace. As I tread in your path, let me remember the Story of Baraka (RA), a chosen women of Paradise. How You gave one beautifuly hearted Abyssinian slave girl,  the unique opportunity- an Opportunity to nurture and care for the Prophet Muhammad SAW  from life till death. Remind me how Baraka (RA) held Amina’s hand, the hand of our Prophet’s mother,  during her pangs of widowhood, childbirth and death cries. My Lord, you took Baraka (RA) from the lowest of the low and you raised her to the highest promise of Paradise. Ya Allah, show me how to be on Baraka’s path. Bless me with Your Mercy and Forgiveness, help me to reach you with my purest heart.

 Sarah Ibrahim

Sarah Ibrahim is a loving mother of two budding mountain climbers. She enjoys healthy cooking, reading and finding creative ways for family exercise!

originally published Jul 26, 2012

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