Ramadan Spirit Contest

Want to be featured on growmama.com?

Join us in our Ramadan Spirit Contest!

We would love to post pictures, reflections, photos, poems, recipes etc. of the blessed season’s activities in your home!  We would also love to hear from your children on “What Ramadan Means to Me.”

Teaching young children the meaning and spirit of Ramadan can be done through many different media. You may want to draw the different phases of the moon, make crescent cookies, help out at local soup kitchens, make a big Welcome Ramadan Poster, write a letter to an orphan, share sweets with friends and neighbors, do decorative crafts, pray at the masjid, tell your class about fasting, learn a new soup recipe, visit an animal shelter…whatever it is PLEASE share with us!

Come learn something new!

All submissions will be posted on growmama.com.

First round of submissions due August 21st.

Email your submissions and your children’s submissions to us at growmama@gmail.com.

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