GrowMama Picks for April 2012

Growmama Picks is a collection of fun, interesting, and inspiring links that we share with you at the end of every month. Enjoy!

1. Would you ever consider drastically changing your bedtime approach? This blogger shares how she ended bedtime battles.

2. Join your children, then advise them-wise advice from the life of the Prophet. (Arabic with English subtitles)

3. Spiritual reflections on what it is like to “wake up” and how to survive the ups and downs in our faith.

4. The art of conversation is eluding us–what are we doing to salvage face-to-face conversation in our families?

5. If you take away all of the extracurricular activities, carpooling, electronics, TV, and sports practices this summer, what could happen? Be inspired.

6. The upcoming Shaykha Fest organized by AlRawiya in New Jersey is the first time we’ve seen so many female scholars and thinkers in one place!

7. One of our moms shares her tried and true homemade goop/slime/gak recipe for hours of quiet fun: one part white school glue, one part water, one part liquid starch, and a drop of food coloring.

8. Ten American women heroes to teach our daughters how to fight.


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