Growmama Picks for May 2011

1. Art Time with Yusuf videos are creative and adorable! We especially liked how to make an earth-friendly boat.

2. Six Secrets to Saying No from The Productive Muslim blog.

3. Hesham Al-Awadi’s Women Inspired by the Beloved is a unique series about female companions. Order the audiobook here or search the web to download in mp3 format. It is also available as a CD set from retailers.

4. This poem is a startling reminder not to forget the new Muslims among us.

5. Isn’t this the cutest Hajj poster for a child’s room?

6. On the forum, we shared thoughts on the father-daughter relationship, spurred by this article from the Huffington Post.

7. Confused about whether to praise your child and if saying “Good job” is a bad thing? This article from one of our favorite parenting blogs unpacks it for you.

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    fun stuff!

  • suma

    I ordered about 10 of these cute posters for gifts about a month ago..the price is reasonable and they are very nice quality. My understanding is that most of the proceeds go to Palestine. I also really like the English alphabet poster…I have been looking for an alphabet print without animals… so happy to have found this one.