The Chinese Chest: YA Suspense w/o the Usual YA Garbage

Is it possible to write a young adult suspense/horror novel on the theme of human trafficking, without ever resorting to vulgarity, wallowing in morbid violence, or even so much as mentioning sex?  Why yes, it is. Last spring at the SC Book Festival, a local romance novelist waved me into her booth, and tried to [Read More...]

Sam Rocha’s Primer for Philosophy & Education – A Gentle Wake Up Call for Catechists

I accepted a review copy of Sam Rocha’s A Primer for Philosophy and Education with trepidation: Academics tend to write horribly, and philosophers are the worst of the lot.  Well, I found a jewel. Not only can the man write clearly and well, he can think straight, too.  Sam Rocha’s Primer is a treasure trove [Read More...]

Love the Lord with All Your Mind . . . Resource Round-Up

It’s Passing on the Faith Month at Patheos, and I’m jumping in with my #1 criticism of parish faith formation in the US today: Treating people like they’re idiots.  Allow me to begin with a word from our sponsor, emphasis mine:  . .  . thou shalt love the Lord thy God with the love of [Read More...]