Community, Heathenry, and Trothmoot 2017

I was lucky enough to attend Trothmoot 2017, and found more knowledge, community, and inspiration there than I could hope to use! Read more

A Heathen’s Guide to Moving House

When moving, don’t forget to honor your house spirits both old and new. If a realtor might use it to make a place seem more inviting, your house wights will probably like it. Read more

Simple Protection Charm for Everyday Use

A protective charm doesn’t have to be complicated or full of exotic ingredients. Here’s a simple recipe that uses items you probably have in your kitchen! Read more

Religious Manipulation: When A Message From The Gods Isn’t From The Gods

We’ve all had someone try to twist our opinions or convince us of something we know isn’t true. How can we deal with this in a religious context? Read more

The Land Is In Your Bones

The land we live on is a physical part of us, through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and sometimes the food that we eat. It is essential that we honor the land in a way that acknowledges that connection. Read more

A Quick and Simple Spring Equinox Craft

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to religion. This simple Spring Equinox craft can make eggs for decoration, spellwork, and offerings. Read more

Eostre, Most Popular Goddess in the Pantheon

Eostre is the most popular Goddess in an obscure pantheon of deities. But how much do we really know about the Goddess of Spring? Read more

Spring Equinox Ritual for Children

A Spring Equinox ritual that will interest and engage children in honoring the spirits of their Ancestors, the Land, and the Gods and Goddesses. Read more

It’s Not Wrong to Set Standards for Kids

My kids don’t always want to go to ritual. They don’t always want to brush their teeth or put on pants in the morning, either. Sometimes responsible parenting means making children do things they don’t want to. Read more

Welcoming Children (And Their Parents) To Ritual

Nobody likes a screaming baby or a tantrum-throwing toddler in the middle of ritual. If we want to grow a lasting spiritual path, we may have to be a little more okay with things we don’t like. Read more

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