Frank Schaeffer’s new novel is now available on Amazon

It’s called And God Said, Billy!, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best things Frank has ever written. The product of 17 years of working out his own salvation with fear, trembling, anger and a radical encounter with grace, the novel is a biting satire of the fundamentalist Christian subculture Frank left behind and a daring plunge into the depths of uncertainty and humility in the face of a God and a universe loathe to divulge their secrets.

I like this novel so much I adapted it into a screenplay, which we are presently shopping around. The paperback is available for just $16.o0 with the Kindle version coming online soon.If you’re a Frank Schaeffer fan, this is a must-read.

Speaking of which, I’ve also been privy to the manuscript for Frank’s next non-fiction book Letters to Lucy, which he composed as a series of letters to his four-year-old granddaughter. Sincere and heartfelt, if you think the outspoken MSNBC version of Frank is all there is to the man, you’ve got another thing coming. No word on a publication date for Lucy yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

About Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller is an award-winning screenwriter, director and producer who has applied his craft to numerous documentaries, feature films and shorts. Recent projects include "The Chicken Manure Incident," "Hellbound?," "Drop Gun," "No Saints for Sinners," "spOILed," "Sex+Money," "With God On Our Side," "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," "After..." and the upcoming biopic "The Divine Comedy of Thomas Merton." In addition to his work in film, Kevin has written, co-written and edited over 45 books. He lives in Kimberley, BC, Canada with his wife and four children.

  • frankschaeffer

    Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for the kind review! I’m grateful. Best, Frank

  • frankschaeffer

    Thanks so much Kevin, being included in your movie Hellbound? was such a great experience for me… I hear from so many people that they love the film. Great to have you rooting for And God Said, “Billy!”

  • Jeffrey


    How do you reconcile a very good film like your “Hellbound” to what many others, including myself, call propaganda in “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”? Perhaps we have an example of Schaeffer’s “And God Said, Billy!”


    • Kevin Miller

      I’ll just say that “Expelled” was the first documentary I ever worked on, and I DID NOT have full editorial control on that film. At times, my participation in that project was more of a pitched battle. I’ll write about it one day.

      • Jeffrey

        Thanks, I am looking forward to that day.

      • Yowie

        I recently bought “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” and thought it was great! There were things in it that reminded me of “Hellbound?” which I saw first. Things like the “gate keepers” so to say. And I didn’t realise you had anything to do with “Expelled…” until after I watched it and wanted to know who directed and so forth. I found it provocative and brave to touch on things that a lot of Darwinists and Athesiests don’t like to confront. And whoever decided to take that direction shouldn’t feel as though it’s propaganda. Others are discussing it too. It’s just that “Expelled…” gave it more recognition.
        That’s my thoughts on it anyway.

  • GilbertDavis

    Your photo in this post reminded me of (Proverbs 25:23)KJB. ” The north wind driveth away rain : so doth an angry countenance a backbiting tongue “