One more year till 40… The countdown begins. Living in a superficial country has made me more conscious of my age than I may have been before.  I am one year away from 40 and can only think how ten years ago, as I approached 30, I was in a state of perpetual anxiety and inner turmoil.  It is amazing what a decade can do to an individual and how much we can learn about ourselves and grow.  Being in… Read more

Lebanon: Home away from home… On December 27, 2018, I left Dearborn, Michigan, my birthplace and home and headed to my ancestral homeland, Lebanon.  I have embarked on a new journey, working for the Union of Arab Banks as its International and Diplomatic Relations Consultant. There was always a strong pull for me to return to Lebanon; something that filled my heart with longing and an ache Michigan could never ease.  I found myself returning as often as I could,… Read more

What does “HijabiHandshaker” mean? Often, I am asked, “As a woman in hijab, why do you shake hands with people?  They are not your mahram and it is forbidden for us to touch members of the opposite sex.”  Coming from my Muslim sisters and brothers, this is a valid question.  I appreciate individuals who ask with genuine interest and respect and refrain from their judgmental comments. Let’s start with religion. I practice Islam and in its core values it is… Read more

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