The Theology of Battlestar Galactica (A New Podcast)

BSG Theology

For any fans of science fiction and theology, I’d like to draw your attention to a new podcast I’m a part of, along with fellow-Patheos-blogger Keith Giles, plus Jennifer Neyhart and John Weldy. The first episode—covering the miniseries and season one—is now online, and we have six more planned to cover the entirety of the show.

Here are a few of the questions we explore:

  • When man can create life in his image, how does this affect theology?
  • Do Cylons have souls?
  • How is Battlestar Galactica influenced by Mormonism?
  • Is Cylon theology essentially Calvinism?
  • Who are the fundamentalists and who are the mystics in the show?

If that’s enough to whet your appetite, then come check out the podcast! And join us live for the next one.

Additionally, this podcast grew out of a new Facebook group, Theology, Science Fiction & Fantasy, where we all geek out about… well… theology, science fiction, and fantasy. We welcome all faiths, franchises, and formats, so come join us!

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