Biblical definition Biblically speaking, the word heretic comes from the Greek hairetikon, meaning “divisive” (Titus 3:10). A heretic is one who purposes to create disunity, fragmenting the church. In this sense, I am not a heretic. My heart’s desire is to see the church fully united once more. This is one of the key driving factors that motivates everything I do. I hate disunity with a passion. Though I align myself most closely with the Anabaptists, I do so with… Read more

Why choose the name Hippie Heretic? In a sense, others chose the name for me. When you preach the peace and love of a non-violent God—a God who is perfectly revealed in Jesus—you end up rustling the feathers of certain conservative types. Hippie and heretic are two of their favorite names to throw my way. So why not just embrace that? After all, Christian, Anabaptist, Methodist, and a host of other such identifiers were originally intended to be pejorative as… Read more

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