The Best Leaders Know They Don’t Know Everything

Bullseye! I love it when the latest business or leadership concept points us back to the 1st century reflecting a Jesus-shaped (J-Shaped) way of thinking.

Margaret Heffernan, writing for Money Watch on May 2nd produced an article entitled “Great Leaders Aren’t Smug.” Read the whole article at

Her basic premise is that truly strong leaders maintain a certain level of humility, modesty, and maybe a little anxiety. They make room for other leaders that maybe be viewed as more talented, gifted, and creative than themselves. This type of leadership is in contrast to leaders who believe they know everything and are overconfident.

Jesus said “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

During our recent Founder’s Day Celebration, we celebrated leaders that demonstrate courage, compassion, and conviction. These J-shaped values flow from justice, mercy, and humility; faith, hope, and love. I still am not sure they really know how great they are, serving excellence day in and day out. The future leaders of Buckner will possess these kinds of qualities and will attract the best talent on the planet. I am working hard to make room for new leaders, new talent, and new creativity. Vulnerable children, seniors, and their families deserve the best we have to offer.

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