The Commander in Chief is now the Comfortable in Chief when it comes to the morning after pill for our Quinceañeras

The President whom our Latino brothers and sisters, mamás y papás, and community overwhelmingly voted for on this past presidential election, shocked some of us once again. Regarding the morning after pill he said, “I’m very comfortable with the decision they’ve made right now based on solid scientific evidence for girls 15 and older.” Click here to read entire Christian Post article here

The Commander in Chief is now the “Comfortable” in Chief regarding the sexual decision of this country’s adolescent girls. Yet, it should not surprise many of my Latino hermanos about this because we, as a group, voted for him overwhelmingly. We, who celebrate quinceañeras, the age when our girls are about to begin to experience the wonder of life are now being told that they can safely and comfortably choose to abort a life because the “scientific evidence is solid?” What our “Comfortable” in Chief failed to see is the moral evidence that lies beyond the scientific evidence, which is done, in controlled environments not in the laboratory of life.

As pastor, in San Antonio, Texas, one of the cities with the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, I am a front line witness of the devastating effects of sexual activity of teenagers (whether they get pregnant or not). I see, undeveloped personalities of young people having to cope with the implications of having sexual relations at an early age, struggling with self esteem, risking pregnancy, STD’s, and now having to make a moral decision regarding the life of an unwanted, unborn, and innocent human life. At the age of 15! I am certainly uncomfortable and I am surprised how our Comfortable in Chief who has two daughters, of approximately the same age of consent for this pill, who can choose to take the morning after pills without his or Mrs. Obama’s consent, can speak with such aplomb about something that is more profound than simply being comfortable with scientific evidence. What is the scientific evidence? How many 15 year olds have tried the morning after pill and years later been totally comfortable with that decision? Hasn’t this pill been out only but a few years? I can only imagine the consequences of a pill in the hands of immature girls who are going to think that, like taking an aspirin, they can take them every time they’ve had unprotected sex with a boy because someone said it was ok. And think about the adolescent boys who will pressure these poor young girls into taking this pill because of a hormonal moment of unsupervised passion; our girls being bullied once again by adults and peers.

If nothing else, the Commander in Chief should have been comfortable in deferring to every parent in America the decision to teach his or her children about reproductive, sexual, and moral education. We Latinos certainly defend the right to give and receive a consejo from mamá y papá, abuelito, abuelita, tío, tía, and even la comadre!

Jesus Christ, who is the Comforter in Chief, said this regarding our children and us in Matthew 11.3 “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5 And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. 6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!”

As our Comfortable in Chief decided to take a pass on the welfare of our children, Latino evangelicos look to our Comforter in Chief to remind us that all children are precious and we must take care of them from the womb all the way up to their quinceañeras and beyond; and woe to us if they should stumble because of us, scientific evidence or not!

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  • Dorfl

    “…they can safely and comfortably choose to abort a life because the ‘scientific evidence is solid?’ What our ‘Comfortable’ in Chief failed to see is the moral evidence that lies beyond the scientific evidence, which is done, in controlled environments not in the laboratory of life.”

    I think that what he meant is that the scientific evidence is solid that the morning after pill is not, in fact, an abortifacient. It delays ovulation, but it doesn’t seem to do anything to an egg which has already been fertilised. For some reason, people keep repeating “the morning after pill causes abortions!”, but we still have no compelling reason to think that it’s true.

    • Rev. Eli Bonilla

      Thank you for your thoughts. We as evangelicos stand is on the side of caution. Our biblical worldview would raise some concerns on those very things that that may seem not compelling “yet”. In a world of choices, the choice from our perspective is to let our children grow up and mature. They will make choices at some point but to say that we are “comfortable” would be too much. So, we raise our voice in the market place of world views to say that life is more complicated and mysterious than we will ever know even scientifically. The proverbial, will it be taken before or after ovulation is so gray (who can enter a young girls reproductive system and determine if ovulation occurred or not?) that from a sanctity of life point of view, the risk raises the “uncomfortable” level enough to say, from a christian morality point of view, it should never be recommended.The snowball effect would then be if Plan B doesn’t work then the child would now have to choose to take the other “morning after pill” a derivative of the abortion drug RU-486 which does in effect affect the fertilized egg, harming the baby in the uterus, when that happens “miscarriages occur” which in fact becomes an abortion by association. Pandora’s box will be opened. The child now has a moral choice to make on her own and not just a scientific one. This is the wisdom of Jesus’, “If you cause one of these to stumble” caution is heeded. I happen to stand on the ground that would not have to let a child even get herself into that situation in the first place (abstinence). So this makes one not comfortable at all as the president projected.

  • Reverend Robbie

    It’s the morning after pill. In the period in which it is used, the egg doesn’t even begin to develop anything even remotely resembling a central nervous system. Yes, kids need to be aware of the physical and psychological risks associated with sex, but please keep your superstition out of the equation. Any guilt that kids feel for using the morning after pill is manufactured by your religion.

    • Rev. Eli Bonilla

      Thank you for your thoughts. As Latinos evangelicos, what some may consider superstition is actually a rich heritage of culture, values, and morals. Generations of men and women, including myself, have been raised by these values and have not in any way produced maladjusted individuals in society. To be sure, I am certain your ethics have served you. We choose to defend the morals that have served us well. And we are glad to expound them in this particular issue. On the side of the mystery of conception, see my comments to Dorfl regarding morning after pill and the “other” morning after pill. These types of discussions are truly important, engaging, entertaining, and certainly not comfortable at all.

  • Ken

    That’s a massive straw man you’ve built there!

    The “scientific evidence” wasn’t that it was moral for 15 year old girls to have access to the morning after pill, but that the pill is reasonably medically safe (at least as safe as other OTC medication) for 15 year old girls to have over-the-counter access to.

    The moral argument is a separate one. In fact, Obama (and the head of the FDA) is on your side. They both opposed the original recommendation by FDA scientists to make the pill available to such girls, and over-rode that recommendation, which led to the court case. Obama also has told his justice department to appeal the court ruling which ordered the FDA to allow greater access to the pill. It would seem Obama is on your side of this moral issue.

    Now, as for the morality, you also build a straw man, but based upon your religious beliefs. This pill does not “kill” a fetus. At this stage we are talking about a small bundle of several dozen undifferentiated cells. They have less complexity and are less human-like than skin cells which I casually brush off in the shower each morning.

    I understand that you imbue these cells with the concept of a soul to give them more meaning than they deserve, but that is a religious view. Our secular government can’t make decisions based upon the religious doctrines of some to impose upon all. That would infringe upon the religious liberties of all with a different view.

    The job of the FDA is to rule on the scientific evidence on safety of the drugs in question, not on the morality of their use. That morality should be left up to the individuals who use them. You are free to spread your message that it is immoral to use the Plan-B pill. I’m free to spread the message that it’s a perfectly moral decision to use it. We both should be free from government interference unless there is a compelling secular medical reason to restrict its use.

  • Sagrav

    “We, who celebrate quinceañeras, the age when our girls are about to begin to experience the wonder of life are now being told that they can safely and comfortably choose to abort a life because the ‘scientific evidence is solid?’”

    *sigh* This again? The morning after pill does not cause an abortion. It prevents sperm from making contact with egg cells. Thus, no fertilized egg even comes into play here. Here is a brief article explaining this:

    This is an emergency contraceptive, and that is all. If you are going to attack it, at least attack it on those grounds.

  • Monimonika

    You say that this would encourage teens to use the morning after pill frequently to have more sex.
    Uhm… NO.

    The pill can cost from around $25 to $50 per pill. Not something that a teen can spend on regularly in lieu of much cheaper condoms (around $1.33 each in retail stores) (even cheaper online in bulk!). Temporary potential side-effects of taking the morning after pill include nausea, vomiting, lower abdominal pain, unexpected bleeding, headaches, tiredness, and dizziness. Yeah, teens would so love that stuff.

    Seriously, the price alone is a deterrent from frequent usage even for irresponsible adults!

  • Pofarmer

    But, the truth of the matter is, “Children” and others, for all kinds of reasons DO find themselves in “that” situation. Far better off to go the route of the morning after pill than address teh situation 3 months down the road, no?

  • UWIR

    If it doesn’t have any effect after ovulation, why are you concerned whether it is taken after ovulation? It’s misleading to refer to your point of view that “Christian” one, as throughout history, Christians, including the Catholic Church, have not considered first-trimester abortions to be wrong; it is only relatively recently that people have come with this notion that abortion of any fetus, no matter how young, is wrong. And a 49-day-old fetus is not a “baby”. You people are apparently incapable of presenting an argument that doesn’t involve blatantly misusing terms to obfuscate the issue.