About Rev. Dr. Emilio A. Reyes

Seeing “the Stranger” with New Eyes

January marked the anniversary in American history of the enactment of a law granting Puerto Ricans complete U.S. birthright citizenship. The 1940 Nationality Act, which became effective January 13, 1941, applied the rule jure solis to persons born in Puerto Rico after that date. In other words, they were considered "natural born" U.S. citizens with full rights, thus opening up a world of possibilities for those once seen as strangers in this land.As we consider the millions of Latinos … [Read more...]

Letting Justice Flow

Letting Justice FlowAs headlines swirl with news of the recent expiration of unemployment benefits for thousands of individuals, many have asked what role the church should play in helping to meet the needs of those hardest hit by the country’s economic downturn. As we grapple with this tough issue in our respective communities, let us not forget that God dealt with the issues of poverty and justice first. Why else would these topics be mentioned over 2100 times within the pages of S … [Read more...]

Changing the Fabric of our Nation

One only needs to pick up the daily newspaper to witness the profound impact of la herencia Hispana (Hispanic heritage) on our society. From the look and language of our marketing campaigns to the form and function of contemporary fashion; from the music that is crossing over cultural and linguistic barriers to the outcomes of our political elections; the contributions of the Latino community are changing the very fabric of this land we all call home.We are reminded of this yet again … [Read more...]

The Bible: As Important as Shakespeare or Dickens

According to a recent report released by the Pew Hispanic Center, Hispanic high school drop-out rates are at a record low. While this is encouraging, there’s still much work needed in order to close the educational achievement gap for the next-generation of Latinos.  The same report also conveys these negatively impacting facts: “Hispanic college students are less likely than their white counterparts to enroll in a four-year college (56% versus 72%), they are less likely to attend a selective col … [Read more...]

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

According to the Declaration of Independence, all people are endowed by their Creator, with certain “unalienable rights” amongst which are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. How ironic is it, then, that many end up searching for these rights independent of the Creator who is credited with endowing them.  Thus is the tragic irony for many of our Latino brothers and sisters who, as they arrive on our fair shores, leave their biblical values behind in favor of the perceived notion of happ … [Read more...]