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Townhall Exclusive: Where Church and State Collide

Pastors and faith leaders from across the country will have the opportunity to meet with several members of the House Republican Conference tonight at the U.S. Capitol. While the Republican Party is no stranger to hosting faith-based events, the “Faith Leaders GOP Meetup” will mark the first formal opportunity in 2014 for religious advocates to take part in a round-table discussion with legislators. Participants will not only receive a first-hand account of the legislative agenda concerning rel … [Read more...]

Immigration Reform: Future Flow Must Meet Economic Need

For me and my colleagues in the Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform coalition, we want to see a fair, pragmatic, and just immigration reform that respects the rule of law; secures our borders, our businesses, and our visa process; ensures fairness to taxpayers; protects the unity of the immediate family; and especially respects the God-­given dignity of every person. Furthermore, we strongly feel that our nation has a moral imperative to assure that any immigration reform … [Read more...]

Immigration Reform and Faith Values: The Agenda of the Lamb

Our commitment, as people of strong faith, is to reconcile conviction with compassion, truth with love, and righteousness with justice. At the end of the day our number one objective is to reconcile the Rev. Billy Graham’s message with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march. In doing so, we advance not the agenda of the Donkey or the Elephant, but exclusively the agenda of the Lamb.Comprehensive immigration reform is about the right thing to do. The Lamb’s agenda activates a kingdom cult … [Read more...]