The Buddha in My Phone

To my embarrassment, I’ve become one of those people who keep bringing up meditation in conversation, extolling its benefits and urging people to try it. Read more

The Splendor of Tikal

Tikal, one of the largest Mayan sites, is a place of mystery and grandeur. Read more

Finding the Holy In a Tradition Not My Own

Our time in Mayan holy sites enriched my understanding of my own spiritual heritage. Read more

A Ceremony Amid Sun-Dappled Mayan Ruins

Miguel Angel Vergara–who is a living link to ancient Maya traditions–led ceremonies at each of the sites we visited on our Mayan tour. Read more

The Mayan Mysteries of Palenque

Palenque, located deep in the jungle of Chiapas, is a place to encounter the complex mysteries of Mayan culture. Read more

Exploring Sacred Mayan Sites in Mexico and Guatemala

In the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala, I explore the mysteries of the Maya with Sacred Earth Journeys. Read more

On Christmas Eve, Thinking about Holsteins and the Holy

The story of Christmas reminds us that the holy is often born in the least hospitable of places. Read more

An Invitation to a Sacred Earth Journey to Mayan Holy Sites

In late January, Bob and I will be traveling with Sacred Earth Journeys to Mayan holy sites in Mexico and Guatemala. We invite you to join us on what promises to be a fascinating trip. Read more

‘Tis a Gift to be Simple with the Shakers in Kentucky

You might think of the Shakers as hippies without the sex. Consider this: they lived communally, practiced ecstatic dancing and singing, and believed in gender and racial equality. You can learn about them at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky. Read more

The Thriving Arab American Community of Dearborn, Michigan

Anyone who thinks you can’t be both Muslim and American should go to Dearborn, which has a diverse and thriving Arab American community. Read more

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