Deuteronomy 17: Principles for Godly Leaders

“18 When he takes the throne of his kingdom, he is to write for himself on a scroll a copy of this law, taken from that of the Levitical priests. 19 It is to be with him, and he is to read it all the days of his life so that he may learn to revere the Lord his God and follow carefully all the words of this law and these decrees 20 and not consider himself better than his fellow Israelites and turn from the law to the right or to the left. Then he and his descendants will reign a long time over his kingdom in Israel.” -Deuteronomy 17:18-20

Moses predicted Israel would one day choose a king to lead the nation. When they did, he gave one law regarding his practice of the law: Write it out and read it regularly.

Why was the king to do this? We are given the reasons. First, so he would learn to revere God. Second, so he would obey the law. Third, so he would remain humble. The result of such a lifestyle would be a long period of leadership.

Do these principles apply today? We may not be required to write out Scripture, but the reason I am in the process of handwriting the entire Bible is the same as Moses addressed more than 3,000 years ago. I desire to revere God, obey his Word, and be humble. If this goal is accomplish, writing out the Bible will be time well spent.

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Dillon Burroughs is the author and coauthor of numerous books and is handwriting a copy of all 31,173 verses of the Bible at Find out more about Dillon at or


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