Joshua 19: God’s Work God’s Way

“These are the territories that Eleazar the priest, Joshua son of Nun and the heads of the tribal clans of Israel assigned by lot at Shiloh in the presence of the Lord at the entrance to the tent of meeting. And so they finished dividing the land.” -Joshua 19:51

God’s work must be done God’s way. Any other equation results in human dependence and human results. Yet we often find ourselves attempting different options, such as:

God’s work + our way = disappointing results

our work + attempted God’s way = disappointing results

The only adequate response is:

God’s work + God’s way = God’s will

When Joshua applied this formula, the work was completed as God desired. Plus, Joshua did not work alone. His leadership involved an entire team representing the nation of Israel. These leaders gathered in the “presence of the Lord” to finish allotting the land for the tribes of Israel. When they did, God made clear who should receive which portion of land, a land where many Jews live to this very day.

The Israelites had long attempted to solve their problems in their own strength and had reaped difficult consequences. In this chapter, there was no mention of conflict, only accepting God’s will and doing it.

As Jesus would later say, “Go and do likewise.”

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