Ruth 4: You Might Be Next

16 Then Naomi took the child in her arms and cared for him. 17 The women living there said, “Naomi has a son!” And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David. -Ruth 4:16-17

The end of the story in Ruth is not about Ruth as much as it is about Naomi. The woman who had lost everything now had a descendant. The woman with no hope now held hope in her arms.

Her family line would continue through Obed. To conclude, the book lists the fuller family line of Boaz to Obed to Jesse to David. Yes, King David the leader of the nation of Israel. Through Naomi, God chose to bless the nations of the world, ultimately through Jesus Christ who descended from the family line of David.

You may feel insignificant today, but you are not. God often uses the lost, the broken, and the hopeless to perform his greatest miracles. You might just be next.

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