1 Samuel 26: Noticing Righteousness

Then Saul said to David, “May you be blessed, David my son; you will do great things and surely triumph.” -1 Samuel 26:25

After David had spared Saul’s life a second time, Saul made a strange but important announcement, “May you be blessed, David my son; you will do great things and surely triumph.”

Saul admitted David would win and do great things. Why?

David walked with integrity, but that was not all of the story. We are all called to live holy before God, but David both walked with integrity and was anointed by the Lord. Just as Saul had once been anointed king, David had been chosen for his role. It was not just destiny calling; it was God’s will.

We have also both been called to live holy and each have a special role to play. As we begin this day and the days ahead, let us strive to live fully for the Lord and pursue his plans for our  lives.

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Dillon Burroughs is the author and coauthor of numerous books and is handwriting a copy of all 31,173 verses of the Bible at HolyWritProject.com. Find out more about Dillon at Facebook.com/readdB or readdB.com.


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