2 Kings 1: No Fear

The angel of the Lord said to Elijah, “Go down with him; do not be afraid of him.” So Elijah got up and went down with him to the king. -2 Kings 1:15

Elijah was a simple man. He wore a garment of hair and a leather belt around his waist. He had no weapons or army, yet God spoke through “the angel of the Lord” to tell him not to be afraid of the king.

Why was Elijah not to fear? He was a man who walked with God. With God on his side, Elijah did not need to fear any power. And if God is on your side, neither do you. If you are called to meet with a leader who has a negative reputation, God is with you. How much more when God calls you to daily tasks?

Many times even the mundane feels painful and unbearable. However, the God who called Elijah not to fear also used this prophet to teach that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16). We are called to pray and rely upon the One whose power created and sustains the universe. The power that has changed our hearts by faith also provides the power to live by faith, moment by moment today.

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Dillon Burroughs is the author and coauthor of numerous books and is handwriting a copy of all 31,173 verses of the Bible at HolyWritProject.com. Find out more about Dillon at Facebook.com/readdB or readdB.com.

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