Day 3

Are you getting tired of hearing how terribly things are going?  Not as tired as I am of writing about it.

So here’s a list of a few funnies heard in between breakdowns and fights:

A Curriculum ReviewWhy do they call this Handwriting Without Tears.  This should definitely be called Handwriting WITH tears. Said by brother one about our well-respected handwriting curriculum while brother two sat on the floor sobbing.

Rebuffing Mom’s Affection: No one thinks kissing is better than indoor soccer!

A Modern Rendition of an Old Hymn: Jesus, I am resting, resting, in the joy of thou poop. Imagine my delight as I heard him singing the song softly to himself while he was working at the table.  Until I got close enough to hear the creative lyrics.

Scientific Inquiry: Are we going to do research this year? When I replied that the exploration we were doing in the backyard was research, Oh good!  I love research!

All in all, if 10 represents my dream day of homeschool, today was a 2.  And that’s on a curve.



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