No More Tears

“God, please help us have homeschool without crying today.”

The noon hour was upon us and the boys and I were feeling pretty good.   As Zach had prayed, we made it through a whole day without crying, and we celebrated by jumping around and high-fiving each other.  You’d have thought we solved the Fibonacci riddle.

What was different about today?

Maybe it’s that Nathan is still having a hard time in the hospital.  And my fears and prayers for him help me to remember that it doesn’t matter if my kids learn to multiply this year.

Maybe it’s that both boys are really excited about making a shadow puppet show for The Five Chinese Brothers.

Maybe it’s that they were asleep by seven last night.

My money is on the early bedtime, but who knows.

In any case, I know what I’ll be praying at breakfast tomorrow.

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  • Jeff Barneson

    You don't think the lack of crying was because they were anticipating a rocking-good time with dad pulling weeds out of the sidewalk for that friend of a friend with a weak heart? Actually, come to think of it, we did have a blast working on that project. Hmmm…